Suicide by Star Wars Apocrypha: ANNIHILATION!

Author: Alexander Freed

Medium: Short story

Publication Date: October 2012 in Star Wars Insider #137

Timeline Placement: 3,641 BBY

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Suicide by Star Wars Apocrypha: Give Me Back My Sun!!

(Suicide by Star Wars Apocrypha is a foolish attempt to examine the entirety of the now decanonized Star Wars Expanded Universe and quantify its assorted artistic merits. Read the introduction. Check out the archives.)

The Lost Suns

Author: Alexander Freed

Artists: Dave Ross and George Freeman (issues 1, 2, 4, 5), David Daza (issue 3)

Medium: Comic

Publication Date: June – October 2011

Timeline Placement: 3,643 BBY (with flashbacks to 3,653 BBY)

Series: The Old Republic

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