Privacy Policy

We here at the Union Forever are internet neophytes. Despite spending most of our lives on the internet, we have little idea how it actually works. Cookies? SSL certificates? Data mining? All of those are mystical witchcraft to us.

But here is what we can promise:

1) We don’t care who you are, where you’re from, or what your email address is. Your personal information is yours and we have no interest in acquiring it. That might change some day because, you know, targeted advertising or newsletters or whatever. But at present we collect no personal information other than the sort of vague crap Google Analytics tells us.

2) Whatever vague information we might somehow gather about you, we won’t give or sell to some outside organization. ExxonMobil comes knocking on the door offering us a million dollars in exchange for a list of all our Disqus commenters? No! No! Ten thousand times no!

3) Our advertisers, however, do collect some sort of information about you via cookies. They do that in order to target you with relevant advertising based on what you read on this site and other sites. You read Wookiepedia a lot, they try to sign you up for that Star Wars MMO. That sort of thing. If you feel so inclined, you can disable those cookies by visiting Ads Settings.

4) Any other thing you might be afraid we’re doing? Use the Contact form to ask us about it. Not only will we answer you, but you could get your own bullet in our expanded privacy policy!