Suicide by Star Wars Apocrypha: SWTOR Shorts

Rishi: Places of Interest

Author: Unknown

Medium: Vignette

Publication Date: December 1, 2014 on

Timeline Placement: c. 3,638 BBY

This is another one of these online TOR vignettes that can only debatably be called a story. It’s a series of emails sent by a prospector named Rondo to his wife, Marani. There are several shorts published on the TOR website that are just emails or in-universe advertisements or transcripts of fictional interviews, none of which I am including in this series, but this one has the vaguest suggestion of a plot in that it relates a series of connected events in a narrative fashion, so it arbitrarily made the cut.

Rondo has come to the planet Rishi to strike it rich mining exonium, after his previous business venture on Mustafar led to permanent damage to his lungs. At first he’s optimistic, but he’s quickly made a slave of the pirate band who control the planet’s exonium trade. Rondo escapes by jumping out the emergency exit of their ship and ends up floating on a door in the ocean for two days until he’s rescued by native Rishii tribesmen. The Rishii introduce him to a local prospector who tells him where to find all the exonium he wants. Rondo follows the prospector’s map to a spooky cave but wisely decides not to enter upon hearing monster noises from within. Unfortunately, as leaves the cave he stumbles upon some kind of mysterious operation that he doesn’t understand but knows he wasn’t supposed to see. His final, unsent email to his wife cuts off mid-sentence, and we’re informed that his datapad was found by the Rishii villagers but “what happened to Rondo as he wrote those last words remains a mystery to this day.”

Oh but according to Wookieepedia I guess he was just killed by the Revanites, a splinter cult within the Sith Empire that worships Revan. Boooooorrring. 1.5/5 Death Stars.