Suicide by Star Wars Apocrypha: SWTOR Shorts

Bedtime on Concordia

Author: Charles Boyd

Medium: Short story

Publication Date: October 28, 2014 on

Timeline Placement: c. 3,638 BBY

Mandalorian warrior Galron is out camping with his twin daughters, Tayn and Mari. As they turn in for the night beside the campfire, they ask their father to tell them a bedtime story. Galron tells them about Shae Vizla, the pretty redheaded lady who helped Darth Malgus blow up the Jedi Temple. Apparently she used to fight side by side with her brother until he was killed by a Jedi, which prompted her to volunteer for the temple attack. Fighting and killing Jedi is all fun and games until they start killing you back, then you have a reason to kill them, I guess. Galron says that after the Treaty of Coruscant, Shae and her whole clan disappeared, but he believes that she will return once she’s found a great enough challenge. Mari asks if she can sleep with her father’s helmet on, and he stays up all night carving his daughters practice swords out of wood.

Fun fact: Shae Vizla has no relation to the various prequel-era Mandalorians surnamed Vizsla.

Whew, I’m gonna need a rag over here.


This story is kind of sweet but also kind of sickening. There’s one point where Tayn make-believes shooting a flamethrower and Galron mentally adds it to her armor’s construction list. Now I’m really endeared to this culture. 1.5/5 Death Stars.