Suicide by Star Wars Apocrypha: Intrigue in the Old Republic


(Suicide by Star Wars Apocrypha is a foolish attempt to examine the entirety of the now decanonized Star Wars Expanded Universe and quantify its assorted artistic merits. Read the introduction. Check out the archives.)

SW17 1

Author: John Jackson Miller

Artist: Brian Ching

Medium: Comic

Publication Date: March 2006

Timeline Placement: 3,964 BBY

Series: Knights of the Old Republic #0

Sadly (or not), we won’t be seeing any more of Nomi Sunrider, Sylvar, Master Thon, or the Twi’lek Jedi Tott Doneeta. Even little Vima, who was established in reference books as becoming the greatest Jedi Master of her era and eventually training the Jedi Exile, the player character from Knights of the Old Republic II, will never appear again. Del Rey had plans to publish a Nomi-and-Vima novel called Mandorla, but it was canceled because they can’t ever try anything different, ever, so here we are.

Enter our new protagonist, Zayne Carrick, a Padawan stationed at the Jedi training facility on Taris during the Mandalorian Wars, the next major conflict as we progress through the Old Sith Wars (the Cleansing of the Nine Houses doesn’t count because nobody knows what the hell it is).

Zayne attempts to arrest a Snivvian conman called “the Gryph,” but instead ends up falling off a skyscraper because he is incompetent. He is saved by a passing Jedi Knight on a speeder who has been sent to look for him by Zayne’s teacher, Master Lucien. The Jedi, a dark-haired man called Squint, explains that he and several other Jedi, including their Master, are passing through Taris on their way to join the war, something the Jedi Council does not approve of. Squint offers some vague foreshadowing about darkness and destiny and then departs.

Meanwhile, the five head instructors of the Taris academy, including Lucien, have gathered to grab a group selfie with Squint’s Master before he heads out. One of them, Q’anilia, suddenly has a Force vision of bad things happening in the future and the Jedi Masters resolve to do something about it.

All of this is just unnecessary foreshadowing for the next arc, hurray!

2/5 Death Stars.