Suicide by Star Wars Apocrypha: Still Yet More SWTOR Shorts

Chasing Copero

Author: Charles Boyd

Medium: Short story

Publication Date: November 16, 2017 on

Timeline Placement: c. 3,630 BBY

Theron Shan meets with a female spy named Pova, who supplies him with the location of the planet Copero, a world governed by the Chiss Ascendancy. The Chiss are a blue-skinned, red-eyed race of near-humans created by Expanded Universe godfather Timothy Zahn as the species of Grand Admiral Thrawn, perhaps the most famous character from the EU. Like the Mon Calamari and the Dathomir Witches, the Chiss have an awkward history in EU continuity; supposedly a secretive, isolationist race largely unknown to the broader galaxy, they proved so popular that Star Wars authors would frequently use them in situations and time periods where it made little sense to find them. At this point on the timeline, the Chiss are the only galactic power to formally ally with the Sith Empire following their return 50 years earlier.

Theron asks if the Mitth family, into which Grand Admiral Thrawn will be born in a few thousand years, controls Copero, but Pova informs him that they’ve lost power and some other Chiss family is running the planet now. Nothing else happens in this story except we find out that the contact who has fed Pova this information is a Chiss woman with whom Pova is romantically involved. Oh my god, these are the first unambiguously gay characters we’ve met in a Star Wars prose story. Time to update this old clickbait.

Too bad they’re in an otherwise worthless short story in the daily news blogs section of the website for a dead MMO. 1.5/5 Death Stars.

And just like that, as quickly as we began, we’ve reached the end of The Old Republic and its assorted tie-ins. Not with a bang, but a whimper. Since the MMO is still being updated, if any more story content is added to this last living era of the EU timeline I’ll come back and cover it. For now, though, this is where we leave Theron Shan and his estranged parents, Satele and Jace Malcom, the “light Sith” Lana Beniko, Vitiate/Valkorion the undying Sith Emperor who might actually be dead this time, and the fractured remnants of the Eternal Empire, Galactic Republic, and True Sith. The state of the whole galaxy is an unresolved mess but don’t worry, all the pieces will be back in the box by the time the next Sith Empire comes to power.