The Dried Fruit Fascists of Idyllic, Small Town Japan


Beautiful Minabe prefecture. So warm. So scenic. So full of Nazis.

A specter is haunting Japanese snackfoods—the specter of dried pickled plums.

When you want a snack in Japan, traditionally what you eat is a thing called an onigiri, a lightly salted ball of rice. Though not as international famous as sushi or pocky, the onigiri is—as much as a foodstuff can be—ubiquitous in Japanese culture. You see them in anime. You see them in Japanese movies. You read about them in Japanese books. They’re like the Japanese equivalent of the potato chip, the go-to starchy snack.


The snackfood in question.

Onigiri, however, aren’t just rice—that would be too bland even for Japan—but rice is either stuffed or wrapped with a secondary ingredient or two to add flavor . One of the things some people like to stuff an onigiri with is umeboshi. An umeboshi is a Japanese salt plum (which is really more like an apricot than a plum) that’s been dried in the sun and then pickled. They’re extremely sour. They’re extremely salty. A lot of Japanese people really love them both as a delicacy on their own and as an onigiri stuffer. (more…)

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The Sexual Hitlerism of Nicki Minaj

Underneath Nicki Minaj’s veneer of sexual agency and feminist girl power, it turns out she—like Gertrude Stein before her—is actually just a Nazi.

The other day, she released a new music video for her track “Only,” which features Drake, Chris Brown, and Lil Wayne. Unlike “Anaconda,” it was a pretty low-key release for a pretty low budget animated lyric video. There was no massive hype campaign. No incessant paid Facebook posts. No van driving around your town playing the hook again and again through loudspeakers.

Even so, the video has become somewhat of a viral sensation, largely because it’s steeped in Nazi imagery. And I mean steeped to the point of bursting. Leni Riefenstahl would be proud of this video. (more…)

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Environmentalism: The New Fascism?

Green Nazi

My environmental science professor in college was not quite a Nazi.

He groused, like a fundie preacher pushing Jesus, that the people didn’t accept environmentalism into their hearts and live in accordance with the pillars of the faith. He championed ridiculous causes and social solutions – rent panes of glass instead of owning windows! grow a carpet by planting grass on old tires in your living room! – which, despite being unpopular (and sometimes physically impossible) he considered environmentally sacrosanct. When a smart, no-nonsense environmental journalist from the New York Times (!) came to school to talk about the right way to advocate policy, recommending compromise and step-by-step incremental victories, he called her out as a non-believer. As a no-good realist.

He was an ass. (Thank god I changed my major.) But he wasn’t really a Nazi, was he? It’s not like he shot anyone, or bombed St. Paul’s, or was killed in a Tarantino movie. Only an idiot would call him a Nazi.

An idiot, or the writers for the American Thinker.


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