SUPER GAME FACTS – Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

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2014-07-05 Castelvania Super Game Facts

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Sexy Teens with Dumb Names in the Post-Apocalypse Part 2 of 100

Previously on Lost . . .

A plane carrying a group of improbably attractive main characters and several dozen disposable extras crash-lands in a jungle. Suffering only superficial injuries, the survivors look for leadership from a male character who invents a talismanic credo that will serve as the basic morality of this fledgling society: “Live together, die alone” I mean “Whatever the hell we want.” Meanwhile, the hot brunette wastes no time in taking off her clothes and the main minority character meets with contempt and violence from some of the castaways for past transgressions he had no part in. All is not what it appears in this seemingly idyllic place, however, as our heroes are confronted with strange animals and beset by monsters. After one of their group is attacked and killed by an unseen tribe of hostile natives, someone helpfully announces, “We’re not the only people on this island and we all know it!”

Also Desmond is there.

Also Desmond is there.


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The Greatest Song Ever Written About the Glory of Eggs

One a upon a time on the internet there was a website called It was from Japan or Korea or something. It really loved eggs. It loved eggs so much it thought the whole world should love eggs the same way it did, as tiny, white demi-deities.

To achieve that dream, they made a song called “I Love Eggs.”

Though the website is long gone, and its campaign to raise egg-awareness was largely a failure, the song still lingers-on in the bowels of YouTube. Listen to it now and reflect on what could have been had the egg-revolution been completed.

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