Advertise? Sponsor? Squander your marketing budget?

It’s true! You too can advertise with the Union Forever, the internet’s 361,311st most popular website in America! Think of all the units you’ll move with our hungry, moneyed, libertine readers peering at your products/content.

Awesome, you say. Stupendous, you say.

Here are the ad options were currently offering:

1. Sponsorship

Do we have a Department whose readership seems perfect for your product? We’ll totally let you “sponsor” that Department. This means we’ll chance the banner to an image of your design (or ours if you prefer but it will probably be pretty goofy) so that it reads, for example, “1000 Centuries of Death, brought to you by Monsanto.”

Price: $100 a month, except for Nerd Bucket which costs $250. That’s really a steal though because NB is 5 times more popular than everything else and nerds, as we all know, are suckers.

2. The Universal Banner Ad

You see that Google Adsense ad that hangs above every single piece of content we publish whether it’s viewed on mobile or desktop or tablet or holodeck? We’ll totally let you take that spot way from Google for a measly $200 a month. This will place your ad banner in front of around 60,000 unique visitors per month for a total of more than 200,000 pageviews.

If you’re interested, have questions, or want to propose some other sort of advertising arrangement email us at and we’ll work something out. We’re both very friendly and totally willing to do almost anything for money!